Tuesday, January 22, 2008

It Should Never Really Matter -- Really.

She did have her baby girl last December.

On Sunday, we went to the baby's christening.

I was seated on the couch in their living room since the reception was held there. My boys were with me. My 5 year old was watching TV. My little one was running / hopping around. I was seated beside my friend who happens to have a 10 year old boy and a 4 year old boy. Her 10 year old was beside my older one. while her 4 year old was running around.

The grandmother of the baby girl (Mom of the father of the baby) came around while cradling the baby to sleep. She looks at our boys and says "Boys are very different, look at them! They are all over the place!" I give a polite giggle. And she says in a know-it-all voice "Lou Ann, you should have a baby girl yourself. It is very different. THEY ARE VERY DIFFERENT." "Ahh look at your boys!!!" "See? Look at her?! Don't you just want a baby girl??"

Uh in case she didn't know, the baby she was holding was 6 weeks old. Of course she could not run and jump around just yet!

Insulted. That's exactly how I felt.

I said "If I do have another baby, I don't really care if it is a boy or a girl anymore. A healthy and normal baby would be perfectly fine with me."


I feel soooo irritated whenever I remember that incident.

I will be honest - I never imagined how much joy and warmth and contentment I would feel with my 2 boys. I did for a while, think that having a baby girl would be much better than having another baby boy. But heck no! Right now, I would never ever think of not wanting my 2 boys.

I think I am perfectly happy with tumbling and running and jumping. I have accepted bumps and bruises and scars and scratches. I have welcomed bugs and caterpillars and spiders into my home. Enjoying the robots and cars and trucks and blocks. I am slowly trying to learn to keep up with shooting hoops and climbing trees. I look forward to prom night and girlfriends and ---oh I can't seem to say it just yet --- OK...daughters in-law.

My boys will grow up to be my protectors. They will be my body guards. They will look after me when their father is out of town. They will love me just as I have loved them.

Why is it such a big deal. And why do I have to be so affected anyway.


Shana said...

I wanted to share a link of a post I did about my boys. It goes right along with what you have said here...


Shana said...

I am going to try this again. The link was to long so I am going to split it up. (I wish I know how to do a hyper link in the comments...sorry)


Amy said...

Your post makes me want a boy.
I love my girls, but as they get older they have wild mood swings and lots of attitude.
It would be nice to have a son one day.