Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Year That Was

We want time to fly by when we are put in situation we would rather not be in and we want time to freeze when we are enjoying the moment/s. But whatever it is, time does fly. The year flew by.
There were a lot of things that happened last year, a lot of new lessons in life, a whole lot more of realizations. It wasn't a smooth year nor was it a bad year. It was a year filled with enriching experiences.
I just thought of doing a quick rundown of the experiences I had that made an impact on my life.

January 2007- Eager to start the year right. Missing Mom a lot.
February 2007- Josh turned 5. Had a beach celebration
March 2007- First Out of the Country trip with Hubby. Celebrated 10 years of being together.
April 2007- 3rd Death Anniversary of Dad
May 2007- The Little One turned 1 . Couldn't believe it.
June 2007 - Started Grad School
July 2007- 25 Years of Existence
August 2007- Career Move
September 2007- Received an Award for Dad
October 2007- First Time to be away from home- alone. Started new job
November 2007- Home never felt so good
December 2007- 4th Wedding Anniversary


Happy New Year Everyone! How was your 2007?


mlu said...

Same as you dear!Welcoming so much happiness and embracing the little pain that a Family has...Year 2007 is a rollercoaster for us...Little changes but what's important are the loyalty of those people you love....Every year makes us a Better person,whom i admit I am not perfect but those mistakes i commited flush into something Better and Worth.I think thats interesting i am learning....

Happy New Year too... And to your Family more Blessings to come this Year...=>

Shoshana said...

That is one eventful year Louann. I hope you have a wonderful year this year.