Thursday, June 14, 2007

On Continuous Learning

Last week, I attended a bridge program in accounting. This was needed for me to enroll in the masters program that i chose - Masters in Management. Being a graduate of Social Science (Psychology and Sociology), I was able to escape major Math subjects in college. My only hurdle was Statistics. I used to hate numbers and math since forever - we just never clicked but in recent years I have tried my best to love it - to no avail though. So when I attended this bridge program, I was pretty pleased with the first 2 days. It was all lecture on theories, concepts and principles involved in accounting. Although new to me, it caught my interest. Mind you, I have never been exposed to any form of business subject in the past. And then on the 3rd day, the professor introduced the balance sheet, ledger, terms like closing the books and balancing the entries.
Oh my God. That's all I could say. I sat there and tried my darnest best to absorb everything the teacher was saying. I had classmates who were store owners or who were working for the sales and marketing division of their company, I had a lawyer classmate. My Mom's Pulmunologist who discovered she had cancer was even my classmate - seeing him made me feel good. Anyway, there I was completely lost. I thought I would not survive the week.
But I did. And as I look back at last week's experience, I must say that learning should never stop. Out of school for more than 2 years has made my brain lazy - that is one major fact I have discovered. And although I have been comfortable the past 2 years, last week's experience made me realize all the more that most of the time, comfort is not always enough. My perception may change, but at the moment, what I can say for myself is, when I am comfortable, I am not doing my best.
Last week was a learning experience. To state the obvious would be for me to say that I have learned what accounting is - although just a slice of it. The more important learning is, I have learned to dream again - for me, for my husband and for the boys. It opened my eyes to many more possibilities, many more things I can be for my family.


pinks & blues girls said...

I agree that we should never stop learning! Good for you for sticking it out... I am sure you feel great, and you should!

Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls

Chaos Control said...

Learning keeps us young and engaged in life. I truly believe that!