Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Closing The Issue

i admit i was wrong in not putting my name on a hurtful reply. it was a moment of weakness. this blogging thing is supooosed to help you face days and not hide. i am desiree from chicago, a mom of one married to a wonderful wonderfulman who is a hardworking blue collar guy who my family will never accept is worth our acceptance. that is what i mean by "his reputation".
So to let me get my point across more clearly and compassionately what i mean is maybe look at it this wayi'll say your child likes bananas over apples because i care that she likes fruitsi'll say your child will only eat chicken because i care that she has what she likes to eati'll say your child has issues because this is about your child and not youi'll say that your child is afraid of the dark because i care enough to maybe offer that i can also be therei'll say that your child has fever because i care for your child just as much as you doso what i'm trying to say is that you are looking for enemies in the wrong place. your child is not only your own. you were not only your parents' child. maybe if i heard those words from my friends or nanny (dunno who you're refering to anyway) i'll be happy about it instead of taking it badly.
I was happy to read this when I opened my email a few minutes ago. Thank you Desiree for coming out. And I am sorry if I said a few hurtful and offensive things in my last post. Last week, someone close to me made me feel I was an incompetent mother to the point where the person was already dictating on me how I should treat and discipline my children. I felt - and I am entitled to my own feelings - like that person was trying to prove to be better than me, it was already out of the realm of love and care. It was way beyond the boundary line. I hope and I pray that you understand me better now. And I have always believed that before you judge someone, it would be better to get to know the person first before saying things like "and I hate it that you have such stupid problems." Thus my apologies for saying hurtful words.

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