Thursday, June 28, 2007

Quarter Of A Century

I got to chat with a friend of mine yesterday and midway through our conversation, he reminded me about my upcoming birthday. And part of the conversation we had talked about things we have or have not done. He was a bit surprised to find out that I have actually not done a lot of things as he said "I thought you pretty much have done everything in this life already."

Funny. I didn't think others thought of me that way.

I have laid pretty much of my past before you but yes, I have pretty much a lot of things I would still want to do.

Set aside wild and daring things - I think I am no position to do such anymore. Having kids has completely changed my mindset about such things. But there are a couple of things I really want to be able to do - just for me. In just a few days, I will turning a quarter of a century young. Which is why last night, I got to think of more reasons why I would want to live life a little more.

So I asked my friend what he would want to try that he hasn't tried yet. First, he said he'd want to have kids someday. Hah that was pretty easy to think of. And then he said he would want to learn to play the piano. I almost fell off my seat - laughing. Just could not imagine this friend of mine actually sitting down in front of a piano and actually getting to play even just a nursery rhyme.

So I came up with a list of things I would want to try but have not yet tried.

1. Try photography.

2. Ride a roller coaster.

3. Climb Mt. Pulag

Photography and climbing a big mountain seems pretty easy to me. But riding on a roller coaster may take a little more time to get me to actually getting on one.

Have you thought of what you'd want to try but haven't yet?

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