Friday, June 22, 2007

Be Nice

Got this comment from an anonymous reader:
Anonymous said...
You are lucky that someone notices your child. I hate it that my child is treatedun worthy of attention because of my husband's reputation. I hate it that i worry that if i die my child will be brought gladly to the nearest shelter or child services. I hateit that my child feels she is unwanted and unloved. and yes i hate it that you have such stupid problems.

This is what I have to say:
Whoever you are, you are such a coward. Why not post your comment with your name instead of leaving your opinion anonymously? And even if I may think and feel that you have issues I may not fully understand, I will never tell you that you have stupid problems.

You did not get the whole essence of my post. You are shallow and could not think beyond. Before expressing your opinions and leaving a nasty comment, be sure to know who I am first.

Be nice. Life is short. I thought you do not want to worry about who will take care of your child when you die? So be kind, because if you are, many people will love the child you have raised.


Jennboree said...

If Anon's child feels she is unwanted and unloved then Anon isn't doing a very good job as a parent.

And yes, Anon is a coward to post in such a whining tone and blame everyone else for what's missing in her child's life.

Shevon said...

What about a little compassion for anon? Is it true that her husband's reputation harms her child's prospects in life? If so, how incredibly sad, both for her child and for her. And what a sad, sad society that punishes its children for the sins of the fathers.

Sometimes people hurt, and they say things out of that hurt. Sometimes in those circumstances, COMPASSION is warranted.

Just my opinion.

Chaos Control said...

Anonymous worries that if she dies her child "will be brought gladly to the nearest shelter or child services".

To me, that speaks volumes about the child's father. Of course we don't know her story, but I pray that she's not putting her child in harms way by staying with her husband. And if she needs it, I pray that she finds the strength to get out of that relationship and give her child a better environment.

She sounds like a woman crying out for some kind of help. Even so, I agree that it wasn't nice of her to say that you have stupid problems.

Jennboree said...

Very good points, Shevon. Not sure why the person felt she should post at all other than maybe it was her way to voice her unhappiness.

I do agree with Chaos. I hope she isn't staying with a man who is (or could be) harming her child, whether physically or phsychologically.

desiree o. said...

i admit i was wrong in not putting my name on a hurtful reply. it was a moment of weakness. this blogging thing is supooosed to help you face days and not hide. i am desiree from chicago, a mom of one married to a wonderful wonderfulman who is a hardworking blue collar guy who my family will never accept is worth our acceptance. that is what i mean by "his reputation". So to let me get my point across more clearly and compassionately what i mean is maybe look at it this way

i'll say your child likes bananas over apples because i care that she likes fruits
i'll say your child will only eat chicken because i care that she has what she likes to eat
i'll say your child has issues because this is about your child and not you
i'll say that your child is afraid of the dark because i care enough to maybe offer that i can also be there
i'll say that your child has fever because i care for your child just as much as you do

so what i'm trying to say is that you are looking for enemies in the wrong place. your child is not only your own. you were not only your parents' child.

maybe if i heard those words from my friends or nanny (dunno who you're refering to anyway) i'll be happy about it instead of taking it badly

louann said...

Which is why DEsiree, before you posted your comment, I wish you asked first what I was being do hurt about. I am not looking for enemies, even. Ask before you judge.