Saturday, June 9, 2007

Tell Me

Thresholds of pain vary. Some take it lightly, some hurt much more. Whether physical, emotional or mental, pain varies. That is a fact.
And whether that pain is brought about by an illness, an accident, grief and mourning, betrayal or sudden loss - pain hurts. We can never escape pain forever, we may try to run away from it or hide from it but in the end, pain will catch up with us and will make its presence felt.
How does one battle pain? Do you drown yourself in whatever drug numbs it and get swallowed into yet more pain? The pain of addiction. Should you face it head on even if you are not prepared to? What if you have no choice but to do so but somewhere in the middle you lose yourself in the battle? Should you pretend that it does not exist? Resort to intellectual or philosophical theories to explain what it is you are feeling. Detach yourself from emotion so that you forget what pain is and end up forgetting what joy and comfort are.
Will we ever be ready for pain? Will we ever see or feel the signs? Do you build your wall around your heart so that you protect that which matters to you most? If you build that wall will you ever be able to tear it down later on?
In silence will you suffer or shall it be told?


Pinks & Blues Girls said...

I don't think we're ever really prepared for pain... so having to get used to dealing with it is a big adjustment. It's never easy.

Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls

Tata said...

Without pain, we will never know what happiness is. We define something because of its opposite. If there was no white, then how can we define black.
In life, pain comes and goes. It has to be part of us. Some is inflicted by an outside force, some we create ourselves. We feel sad because we define our sorrow. Culture may have a part of it too, but basically we live our lives as we define it. Happiness for me is when I see a smile from my kids, grandchild and from my aging mother. What is yours?
Don't let pain drown you, you can always control it, except toothache, avoid that. Brush your teeth always and FLOSS. Love ya.

SusieJ said...

Oh Louann. I look at my boys, and realize they will have pain. I think I can handle the pain -- I really do -- especially if it will keep the pain from hitting my boys.

Anonymous said...

Lou Ann,
I am so sorry that you had to ask this question. I hope everything is okay.
Personally, I deal with pain by dealing with it head-on. I wallow for awhile, and then I move on.

Anonymous said...

Louann, my heart goes out to you. I'm not sure what is going on to prompt this question, but your post has been weighing on my mind since I read it last night. If it is possible to send warmth, caring, and support through the cyberworld, consider it done from me to you.

I find that reaching out to others and letting them in helps me to deal with pain, regarless of the type or the source. Detachment and building walls seems to be self destructive for me.

I'll be thinking of you.....

Sophiagurl said...

stealing your heart against the pain seemed the most natural thing to do...that's our nature. but sometimes pain and suffering teaches us a lesson. but i do hope you get through yours. here's a favorite quote of mine, hope it helps:

"i love the sun for it warms my body, yet i love the rain for it cleanses my spirit. i love the light for it shows me the way. yet i love the darkness for it shows me the stars. i welcome happiness for it enlarges my heart, yet i endure sadness for it opens my soul."

God bless you always Louann=)

Stam House said...

I suffer from cronic should pain (for about 2.5 years now) I find that thinking about it positively help and knowing that my body is just going to go downward anyway but looking forward to have and heavenly one were pain does not exist is very ecouraging to me1

Anonymous said...

sometimes we fear pain and run from it. but pain is never really the real problem. pain is a sign that something is wrong. it is your body or soul or heart telling you that something needs to be fixed. now fixing, that is the challenge. but to ignore the pain and the signs is not going to ease the pain. I agree that reaching out is one of the best remedies for pain. help, wisdom, comfort and company are only a few bonuses we get from reaching out. No one is alone except those who choose to be alone. listen to your pain girl, quietly and purposefully... its just nudging you somewhere. - mishka

SusieJ said...

I tagged you.