Saturday, December 29, 2007

It Still Is Warm

I've heard from a lot of people that :Christmas is just really for kids." For a while I wanted
to believe so too. But if you look deep inside your heart, you will see why Christmas IS an occasion we all look forward to celebrating year after year after year - whether young or old.


mlu said...

Hi Louann,
OH!How cute to see your 2 Amazing kids.I like the hat of the Little Santa while i love the smile of the big bro its just they have a wonderful presents...right?
And i wanted to say "Thank You" for inspiring me to walk the talks of life,for sharing your point of view.I enjoyed really reading your blog.So much to mention how Good sweet lady you are.
Happy new year to you and to your family

C said...

Happy Holidays, Louann! Your boys are absolutely adorable! Hope you have a wonderful New Year! xo

Shana said...

Yes, Christmas is a time for everyone, not just children. Happy New Year!!!

SusieJ said...

Louann, Happy New Year, Merry Christmas and everything else. It looks like you had a wonderful time.