Saturday, December 1, 2007

Like No Other

It has been a pretty interesting week for me. Well I'm guessing it was a much more interesting week for my officemates who still see me as the "new girl."I have been trying to adjust and enjoy this whole new phase in my life. Working hours for me have been moved an hour later so I get to spend a bit more quality time with my little one in the morning.

When I was down in Manila for my training, the people I worked with there were almost all female, young and single. There was one who was young and married but without kids yet. And there was one who was in her early 30's, married and with one baby. And then there was me. And I did feel a disconnect.

Halfway through reading Tuesday's With Morrie, one line that really caught me was when Morrie said something to this effect (on having Children), "there's no other experience like it." That line caught my heart because I really think it is very true.

As parents, we talk about our kids. share experiences about raising kids, laugh and cry about how happy yet difficult disciplining children can be, etc. And people listen to us. But I feel that no matter how animated we can be while telling our stories or how emotionally filled out stories are, we can never really explain what it is like to have kids unless you experience it yourself. Partly I guess is because in general, for each and every experience we go through, we all feel, think and act differently. More so for experiences like having children.

Which is probably why a lot of married women with kids are often misunderstood.

It is difficult to fathom what it is like to have kids, to raise kids, to discipline kids, to prepare for the future of your kids.

It is an experience like no other.


Midas said...

I really like Tuesdays with Morrie. The book is fantastic and Jack Lemon did great in the movie. I cried my eyes out.

Check out my new blog here :)

Sophiagurl said...

Hi Louann, how have you been? I totally agree raising our kids and hoping they'll turn out to be good citizens of the world is really "an experience like no other".

Blessings to your family =)

SusieJ said...

I haven't picked up Tuesdays with Morrie yet. I'm afraid it will make me too sad. Maybe I'll read it.

SusieJ said...

Louann, I'm missing you -- are you OK.