Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Disconnect

In the office, there are basically 2 groups. One group is composed of 4 young girls- 1 is married with a kid and another has a kid but is not married, the other 2 are single. 2 of them were my schoolmates / friends in highschool. The other group is composed of a mix of both male and female- older, married and with kids. My boss belongs to the latter.

It isn't as if the office is divided as in divided, we all have lunch together, we are united in a way. Except for when it comes to personal interests.

The first group can go on all day talking about boys, make up, fashion and themselves. I never heard those with kids talk about their kids, school concern of their kids, what they will cook for dinner-- nothing about the home.

As much as I would want to associate myself closely to the latter group, I still am not sure if they are willing or ready to accept me. Plus the fact that my boss is there still makes me think and feel that I should not be too assuming at this point since I am only 2 months old in the company.

It is difficult having to listen to stories I cannot relate to and do not really want to relate to, day in and day out. When I start to talk about my kids, my husband or the home, they just look at me, give me a very polite smile (with the very popular head tilt) and then they go about talking about boys, make up, fashion and themselves.

I am not saying they are bad people. Or that there is something the matter with them, I respect them it's just that their interests do not interest me. Maybe that's the best way to put it. I can really feel the disconnect. Sometimes I try, but it is difficult.

I hope I will be able to eventually connect with people I know I will truly understand and who will understand me as well.


Anonymous said...

I find it facinating to read about the office culture you are encountering.

At my workplace, I have found that the people without kids are most interested hearing about them. There are some people who go on and on and on about their kids, but could less about hearing about mine.

Office culture is always a complicated thing. I'm sure you will find your way and your place in it.

How are things going being a working mom? Lately I'm finding it very exhausting. (Big sigh).

SusieJ said...

Wow. How stressful is all of that?! Somehow, things will even out -- they always do.

mlu said...

I know how good you are dealing with every personality of a person.And i am glad that you always look positive about it.By the way i am worried about you this past few weeks,i feel that you are on the stress side.I will help you thru my prayers...Just hold on...