Monday, December 10, 2007

Ahhh...The Life

Apparently, some people decided to go to the beach. In December. But what the heck, the weather was still perfect. This was a trip actually planned 8 months ago. The husband and I had no idea we would be under new employers, so we were not entitled to any leaves. But thankfully, we had understanding enough employers who allowed us to enjoy this 4 day family beach trip.

We went to Boracay Island . The first time we went there, I was 4months pregnant with my little one. I fell in love with the place and vowed to go back with the whole family once the little one was born. 1 1/6 years after I gave birth, that trip finally came true.
There is something magical about this island. This island was discovered a few decades ago when the beach was still untouched and unexposed to commercialization. I read a write up on the island which mentioned that the few people who braved the travel to this island would treck for more than 10 hours tugging along gas lamps and drinking water to sustain them through their stay on the island. There were no such things as hotels, resorts or restaurants in those early days.
Today, when you get to the island, the whole beach stretch is lined with hotels, inns, cafes, bars and restaurants. There is a shopping complex. They practically have everything available there for tourists needs. Foreigners have come to love the place. It is, if I may just say, a world class tourist destination.

Local flights fly there on a daily basis. One can choose to fly on smaller planes and land on the island itself or fly via bigger planes but will have to travel via land for about 1 1/2 hours before taking a 5 minute boat ride to the island itself.

The beach is spectacular. I assume that surfers / surfing addicts will despise the beach there - for the waves are too calm. One need not worry about a pool in the resort for the ocean is in itself the pool. There is something about the water there that enchants the people - with its crystal clear water, one will not be able to resist it. Sitting by the shoreline, the gently waves lap on the shore, it's relaxing sounds giving one a sense of peace. Its powdery white sand is what Boracay is known for. I have never seen and felt sand as soft and white as the sand there.
And when you sit under a beach umbrella, sipping on your favorite fruit shake - or a cold beer, you cannot hep but wonder why and how such creations were created.

It is a beautiful place for both the young and old. The kids can swim in the ocean without adults worrying about strong under currents or big waves or shark attacks since none of such exist. As the sun sets, the beach is slowly transformed into one big cafe / bar. The beach is lined with tables and chairs and bean bags where families can sit and relax and order the perfect meal.

It is an enchanting paradise. Go.

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Ohh, beach! I could use one right now. You see, we're having rain and cold weather. Yeah, I think so too!

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