Monday, December 17, 2007


Seriously? I wish not to believe that Christmas Eve is 7 days away.

I have not bought a single gift for anyone yet. There are no gifts under the tree. I have no idea what to prepare for Christmas Eve. I have no idea what our plans will be. I wonder why it is ths way this year?


For all of your kind words in response to my last post, thank you!!!
, am not pregnant. Teehee. But really, at 4'11,weighing 120lbs is not comfortable and getting into size 8-10 clothes can lower one's morale. I just really feel that I have been very unhealthy the past few months. I have been eating fruits for breakfast. Drinking lots and lots of water. And I have been cutting down on my rice consumption.

Lets see where this will take me. Excercise. I have been avoiding that.


I'm not sure why I have not been myself lately.

I'm still trying to figure it out.


Midas said...

It's probably the stress of being away from your family Louann. Which means you should be slimming down now that you're all together again.

Presents? What presents? I find it very stressful to pick a gift for anyone. I would rather choose from their list...

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Pavel said...

I find Christmas to be very stressful as well. You'd think it'd be fun, but the hassle and the expense will stress out almost anyone!

Good luck with the Christmas shopping!