Monday, January 7, 2008

Wondering What This Is All About

Guess what I have been feeling lately? Weird. Yes.

There is this feeling I am feeling that I can't seem to explain. And whenever I try to blog, I feel weird. Is it because I had been 'gone' for a while last year and may have lost touch with some of my blogging friends? I don't know. Whenever I try to write something (because I felt I had an inspiration to write about something), the box where you are to type your post remains blank for a long time. Suddenly. I had nothing to say. And then I decide to save it for another day so I shut down the computer but as soon as I do, I suddenly have something to write about but by this time, I am already too lazy and say to myself I will write about it tomorrow and then when tomorrow comes, I feel weird again.

Did you ever feel this way? What is this called? What causes this to happen?

I miss my old self.

And I can't wait to go back to my old self.


Shoshana said...

I call that dooldrums, and I get them a lot.

At least you have this post, and then you'll be back to your old self.

I feel bad bitching about the state of my house cleanliness, but then it dominates my life. I turn around and it's right there...right where my cute little kids are.

Sophiagurl said...

Oh dear I think I'm having some of those days too. It started sometime after halloween and I was surprised to have written sooo little during the latter part of the year.

I guess a lot of bloggers experienced the "temporary pause" and stopped blogging for awhile. Well I do hope everything will fall back into place. We moms, have a lot to talk about. Keep writing dear...we're here to listen.

C said...

Hi, Louann!
That happens to many people, I think! I've had days like that. Sometimes a person goes through days of feeling "off". Then, you get inspired and things get back to normal :)

Hugs! xo

JohnnyO said...

You put the right sentiments down & said it perfectly. I have been struggling myself with blogging in December & just posted today. For me it was the latter - a lot to say, but hard to go from brain to fingers. Here's to a Blog filled 2008! - JohnnyO