Thursday, June 11, 2009

Something I Have Slowly Learned To Learn

Have you ever had the urge to always correct someone if you thought he or she was wrong? or spark up a debate because you firmly believe you must make that person realize your opinion and hopefully convince that person to believe in what you are saying?

Well I have.

And I have found it to be very tiring.

It maybe comes with getting older--maturing they say.

I used to find myself in discussions which would lead to debates. And the debates wouldn't stop unless someone would finally give in and most of the time that someone who would give in wouldn't be me. Of course not.

But lately, I have learned to control my opinions. Sometimes I talk but I just say what I have to say, usually only if I am being asked.

It's less tiring.


Heather said...

I generally go the less tiring route too.

Alicia said...

Hi there! So nice to meet you too! I's exciting meeting another Filipina blogger!!!

Do you live in the PI?

Anyway..I liked your post! I used to be that way too, but I learned that saying less is MORE! It's very humbling, too!

Amy said...

I agree completely. In my maturity I have found that a debate rarely changes another persons mind. It is just frustrating and exhausting.