Thursday, June 4, 2009

Total Randomness

I can't think of just one particular topic to write about. I have a whole bunch of nothing in my head right now.

I can't believe I survived 2 weeks without the hubby. He's heading back home tomorrow and the boys can't wait to see him. I must say I sort of enjoyed his time away from me. I think we all need breathing space once in a while.

Today I realized how ungrateful I can sometimes become-- it's embarrassing. I drove to work this morning via another route because I was avoiding the traffic and enormous potholes caused by some stupid contractor who left the road unfinished. Anyway, as I was driving to work, I found myself contemplating on one thing I have forgotten to be thankful for-- my work. So today, instead of complaining about it, I prayed for physical strength to do what I have to do, enthusiasm in the things I have to do and joy in my heart for the things I have to do.

The rainy weather has dampened everyones spirit here at home. My 7 year old can't stand the rain. My 3 year old stands in front of the window scolding the rain to go away and poor little 3 month old has no morning sunshine to enjoy.

I also can't believe that half the year has gone by. Seriously, we only have 6 more months left before Christmas.


Heart of Rachel said...

Having a stable job during this time is really a blessing.

I'm not happy about the weather too. It's usually terribly hot in the morning then followed by afternoon downpour. The erratic weather is causing many people to get sick.

Karen MEG said...

Don't be talking about Christmas already!!!! ;). I'm just getting used to summer coming!

Hope the homecoming was great for hubby... and we all get ungrateful at times, it's normal and human. That's a great outlook on your job though, and a reminder of things we should be grateful for.