Sunday, November 8, 2009

They Say Their From Mars

So my husband volunteered to do the grocery and I was more than pleased when he did offer so I made him a list. Then I received a text message: Babe, what kind of flour? Cornstarch? Baking soda.


I wanted to be my sarcastic self but the guy was doing me a favor. So I said, "Flour babe. Not cornstarch. Not baking soda. Flour.

He picked me up after work. When we got home, I took a look at the goods he bought.

"No flour?" I asked

"When I asked the lady where the flour was, she showed me the shelf. All I saw was white."

Majorly rolling my eyes.

"Why did you get this?" I said while holding up the margarine.

"You wrote down butter" He answered.

"Yeah I said butter. Not margarine. This is margarine."

"Looked like butter to me."

MEN. Don't we just love 'em?


Alicia said...

That sounds like my friends husband. She said he was at the grocery store for an hour looking for one item!!

My husband LOVES to do the grocery shopping, and he actually picks better things than me!

Heather said...

My husband will actually go to the store and buy feminine products and come home with the exact requested item. One of the many reasons I married him. He'll do pretty much anything for me or our kids.