Friday, July 27, 2007

Am Proud Of My Gramps!

Checked my uncle's Multiply site, yes he has one, and found a feature on one of my Grandpa's short stories. If it further interests you, check this out as it speaks more on my Grandpa, Sinai C. Hamada
My grandpa was a very loving man and was a man of integrity and principle. He raised his children well and loved to be with his grandchildren. Boy did he have a sweet tooth. I remember he would make sandwiches for me when I was younger - peanut butter, strawberry jam and banana topped with lots of brown sugar. I couldn't even finish half of the sandwich! I remember when I was in pre-school, my Dad would pick me up but there would be days when my Grandpa would decide to pick me up too. So as soon as I would get out of the classroom, I would see my Dad and my Grandpa there and I would choose to ride with my Grandpa.
Grandpa was a lawyer - a kind one if you were to ask me. He would accept chickens, rice and vegetables as payment for his lawyer's fees from his clients who could not afford to pay in cash.
My Dad looked up to this man, his father and mentor and today, I just know they are working together in their own newsroom in the sky.


SusieJ said...

Oh -- I'm proud too. So writing is in your blood?

PinksandBluesGirls said...

You are part of such a talented family! No wonder you are such a great writer. Your grandfather sounds like such a great man.

Jane, P&B Girls

mcewen said...

Newbie visiting from One March Day - what a lovely photograph as an introduction to your family.
Best wishes

louann said...

Susie: I believe that yes, writing is in our blood. My grandpa was a writer and a lawyer and an editor of a newspaper. My dad was an editor of a newspaper too. And we all enjoy writing in the family :)