Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Thinking Out Loud

They say it is always a choice. Is it our choice to get on that ride? That roller coaster ride which allows us to soar and just when we think we are at a "high" we suddenly, without really seeing it coming, literally drop to the bottom. And just like a roller coaster, we do not exactly know how to explain that feeling when we are suddenly dropping. It is unexplainable yet every second of it is strongly felt. But then you know that you are bound to start climbing again - you know you are bound to get up there again but you also know that somewhere, you're going to have that breath stopping drop again.
And just like the wheel - one of the greatest creations of man - literally, sometimes you are up and sometimes you are down. Like a race car on the speedway, it moves too fast - because it was made to be that way. Too fast you do not even have enough time to contemplate and realize why at times you are up and why at times you are down. There are times when the vehicle is caught in a jam, slowly inching it's way through the traffic. And we wait and wait and wait and wait. Time ever too slowly passing as we wait for our turn to reach the 'up' of the turn and while we are up there time moves too fast and before you know it your at the 'down' of the wheel again.
So again, is our choice to jump on that ride? Is it our choice to slow down that race car even if it were meant to speed across the track? Is it your decision to be stuck in traffic?


Shahana said...

yes, you are right, its not in our hand.

Pavel said...

Interesting thoughts, indeed. Life sometimes seems to go by itself with little control of our own. Then, at other times we seem to be in some kind of control, but it's all so transitory and fleeting.
Gosh, you're making me think too much! (hee hee)

Shoshana said...

I believe it's a choice, however, I also believe that some of the time, the choice is taken from us. Or yanked away from us.

So, even though it might appear that it's a choice, really, it's more like being stuck in a situation that not really a choice, but a reality nonetheless.

Ugh...not making much sense here am I?