Tuesday, August 14, 2007


We have heard it one too many times. I have heard it a zillion times . When people say " The only constant thing in this world is change." Yes it sounds all too familiar. When I hear this, I find myself not paying too much attention to it. In fact, it goes in my right ear and quickly leaves through my left ear.

But when we are truly faced with the need for change - the want for change - change itself - the fact that we cannot escape change, then the saying that "change is the only constant thing in this world" suddenly hits us hard. I panic. I wonder why such a fact must exist. It sounds so simple - very easy to understand but those things that lie beneath its surface are those which are unbearable to comprehend. I am perfectly comfortable with what I am doing now, what I have now- it took me some time to adjust to some changes and now that I am getting used to a lot of new things, why the need for more changes. And I find myself answering my own question - of course, obviously, because change is inevitable. And then I ask the deeper question - why am I afraid of change- am I?

Yes I am. I bravely say that I am. I am a coward when it comes to changes. So I decide to reflect and look back at the many many changes in my life that where I had no choice but to accept it and adjust to it and eventually learn to love it. My Dad's death changed too many things. I did not want it, I did not want to accept it but I had to and I learned to deal with the changes that took place. My Mom's death - it hit me hard but I knew that there was no way I could escape the changes that came with it. And then the birth of my second child - it changed me completely. So why am I scared again? I don't know. But I am.

And then I realize that I am scared because of the uncertainty that change will bring. Ah hah! There it is, that's right- it is the uncertainty. Not knowing what I am going to be faced with, what I can or cannot expect, what I can do, what I won't be able to do. Many, many things that bring uncertainty to my soul scares me enough. It is because of the unknown as compared to the known that you have come to know and love and be comfortable with. It will be a matter of stepping out of your comfort zone, leaving it and taking that one tiny step into something new and different.

But change is beautiful.

And maybe, just maybe, if I willingly accept what must change then I too can change with the changes - to turn into someone better.


PinksandBluesGirls said...

Change is difficult. Your post was so true. There have been changs on our life that have hit us hard and that have God sent. Our move out of NYC to Rhode Island, that was a God sent. The birth of my kids too. I sometimes this it's the change that I can "control" that is the easiest on me, not the ones that sneak up out of nowhere.
But you are right... change can be beautiful.
How are the handsome men doing??
Pinks & Blues Girls

SusieJ said...

Did my comment get lost?

This is why I love yoga -- you stretch and pull and put yourself out of balance, and then you try to find the calm in the midst of it.

Jennboree said...

Wonderful post. Change is constant and yet it can be so jolting. Sometimes anticipating change is worse than what actually comes of it. That's called vivid imagination, at least in my case :)

The circle of life means we're always evolving as human beings. Spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Change can be beautiful, especially if we learn from it. There are always lessons in change and, like you, I hope to become a better person because of it.

Mama G said...

I'm a huge fan of change. Always have been! Maybe even too much so ...