Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My Date And The Trip To The E.R.

Last Saturday, I was pleased when hubby said he was not feeling well and was not up to making a quick trip to the mall. So Jet instructed Josh to accompany me. While driving to the mall, I remembered how frequent Josh and I would do things together BEFORE Dash came along. So I took the time to take my little man out on a date.
I was just so relaxed. Going to the mall with a 5 year old is much less stressful than with a 1 year old. No baby bag, no diapers, no milk - it was something I appreciated very much.
First we went to have his haircut, went around a bit and then we had a snack. While eating, I noticed Josh kept staring at other people - it annoyed me. So, I told him to stop staring at other people to which Josh replied "stop talking while your mouth is full." OK.
We had a great time together. It was something I really missed. And so did Josh as he told me we should do it again sometime - just me and him.
We definitely will.
Come Sunday morning, Dash had a fever. I gave him paracetamol but I noticed the fever did not want to go away. Come Sunday night, Dash was very very hot, his temp reached a high of 39.5 C. He was very restless and could not sleep. Plus he did not want me to lie down, he would cry whenever I would. So I had to sit down beside him. At 6AM of Monday morning, he no longer looked good. He was red as a tomato - the ripest tomato, that is. Since the peed would be available by 10AM and I was very very worried, I told hubby that the E.R. would be the best thing to do already. So, I packed a bag for Dash - just to make sure I had a set of complete things just in case the little guy would be confined.
When we got to the E.R. Dash just started to cry his heart out. I just had to keep asking the nurses and the doctor to repeat what they were saying because Dash was screaming in my ear the whole time and every time the nurses would try to make cute faces at him, the louder he would scream.
Diagnosis: Upper Respiratory Track Infection a.k.a. The Cough
Verdict: No Need For Confinement. Yahoo!
The doctor just prescribed a whole bunch of meds - which included antibiotics.
BUT yesterday was still hellish because Dash refused to be put down or carried by anyone else but me. He wanted the paci in his mouth the whole time and refused to let go of his sippy cup. He kept fighting his sleep as well. And he kept crying. Yes, he was a very normal sick little baby.
Angels in heaven started to sing when Dash finally closed his eyes and did not wake up till 630 this morning.
And now the muscles on my left arm hurt so bad. But at least Dash is feeling much better.
And yes, the weekend was still great.

I love you all and thanks for the comments you left me in my last post.


PinksandBluesGirls said...

Oh, the poor little guy! At least you know what it is, and that he doesn't have to be confined. But it's so sad he has to feel that way! So are you all pumped up in one arm now!?

Jane, P&B Girls

P.S. Glad to see you back!

Chrissy said...

Oh, poor Dash! Hope the little guy feels better soon :)


mommie's confession said...

Heard the news something DASH is feeling blue
I know your not where you want to be
so here’s to you getting better

Wishing him a fast and complete recovery and
I hope DASH feel much better just knowing
that your baby are on the minds of many
friends and family .

Pavel said...

I'm so sorry to hear bout poor Dash, and poor you as well!

Hope you two recover soon.

Jennboree said...

It is so so scary when our little ones get sick, isn't it? Very glad hear he's doing better and you all got some rest.

Sophiagurl said...

spoken like a true mom! i'm glad he's feeling better now. God bless you and your family!