Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Old Wives's Tale - Not!

When you have a sick baby, all you ever wish for is for his hyperactivity to return - no kidding. You will find yourself wishing that your kid be his normal naughty, silly, non-listening-to-what mommy-says self again.

And so what do you do?

Tender Loving Care of course and nice hot bowl of Chicken Broth. My Mom and Dad would always tell me that Chicken Soup is the best for colds and flu.

I read through my book , through the chapter on "special concerns" like when the baby gets sick and I came upon a short article on the Old Wives's tale on Chicken Broth which is not such and old wives's tale after all. And researching further, Chicken Soup / Broth has been used since
ancient times . This powerful soup is also packed with lots of nutrients, check out Susie’s recipe.

I add lots of ginger to mine.
In no time, your sick Little baby will be back on his feet . . . .


SusieJ said...

That makes me so happy to see him bouncing around, feeling better. Ginger. That's a great idea -- it's so good for you.

mommie's confession said...

It's nice to look those 2 little boys and there cute fat fingers giggling with there fave toys...

Jennboree said...

Chicken soup is truly the best not only for the soul but actual healing! :)

Love the hat!