Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Aside From The Baby This Is what Keeps Me Busy

This was taken a month ago, a week after I gave birth. And since I am so obsessed about saving up enough breast milk, I now have 12 bags in the freezer. I can store more if I had more space. On an average, my baby consumes 1 bag of 6 ounces in 4-5 hours. If and when I leave the house, I am only gone for that span of time.

I have to start storing more. As much as I can.


Chateau said...

Wow, that's a lot of milk. Great job you're doing.
Thanks for visiting my fitness blog. We have Hamada family friends from Baguio. Are you related to them?
Have a great long weekend. :)


Heart of Rachel said...

That's indeed a lot of milk. You're a wonderful mom. I admire you for doing that.

louann said...

hi chat,who among the hamada's do you know? i am one of the hamada's hehe.

Chateau said...

hi! What a small world! Anna is a long-time friend of the family - she and my eldest sister practically grew up together. My parents knew uncle oscar and auntie emmy :) Are you a daughter-in-law?


Chateau said...

I read your posts on your parents. So you're a cousin of Anna pala. I'm sorry for assuming Hamada is your married name.
It's great to meet a mommy blogger who grew up from the same city as I did, and is a cousin of such a wonderful family friend. :)