Saturday, April 18, 2009

Me Jane Queen of the Jungle

I love mothering my 3 boys. But you know what? It can get lonely in the jungle too. In the midst of all the jumping and wrestling and loud laughter, it can get lonely. Getting the boys to sit down -- and just sit down -- even for just 5 minutes, never happens. They have to be constantly moving or squirming. I have learned to have fun with Spiderman action figures, I have learned to play with toy soldiers more so be a soldier myself while crawling on the floor and "looking for the enemy" and I have learned to enjoy bug hunting in the garden. Seriously, I never did any of those when I was a kid -- except for the bug hunting. I can get them to sit down and color and read but I have to make sure that after that we play a physical activity or else they would say that "Mommy is boring."

Yes, I have learned to live with boys. But I miss tea time with the dolls, combing Barbie's hair. I find myself looking for someone to talk to about girly stuff -- like what new hairdo would fit me, how the pair of shoes displayed at the store looked so fab, what pair of jeans to wear with my new top. I find myself looking for someone who I could talk to regardless of how little she is-- who would understand in some little way what I was saying.

Too much testosterone around me can be exhausting. Maybe I just need to recharge.


Heart of Rachel said...

I have learned to enjoy playing with action figures, cars and trains with my son. When my nieces are here I get to enjoy playing house with them. :)

Shoshana said...

I know what you mean. I have one daughter...but she's into anime and warcraft. I don't do anime and warcraft.

I wouldn't have it any otherway...but it's always fun to talk about girlie stuff.