Thursday, April 30, 2009

It'll All Get Better

I'm finding it hard to believe that one day, I will look back at all this --shaking my head and laughing.

With my 1st grader back in school, mornings at home have become a bit more hectic. At 6 in the morning it seems like there is so much to do. When we finally drop off the grade schooler in school my list of things to do suddenly becomes longer. There's laundry to do and folding of last weeks laundry has not yet been done. I open our ref and find that its almost empty. How do squeeze in a quick trip to the grocery? The baby hasn't taken a bath. Lunch has to be cooked. My 3 year old is asking for milk and he doesn't want the nanny to make it for him, it has to be me. The baby is crying--he's hungry. I finally sit down to feed and think of lunch. In 2 hours my 7 year old gets home from school. Hubby is out. Who will pick him up? When he finally comes home, homework greets me. We sit down to do it. My 3 year old is demanding for attention. I'm feeding the baby. I get a message on my cell phone, it's the office asking so many questions and doing follow ups-- I'm thinking, how will my boss ever survive without me and yet give me so little credit?. My head is spinning. It's almost dinner time and I haven't thought of anything to cook yet. There's cleaning up to do after eating and kids to wash up before sleeping. I try to watch TV but thoughts of the next day haunts me. I sort of wish I could get a head start so that tomorrow wont be as hectic. So I sort out the laundry. It's late and the baby is sleeping. The kids are winding down. Just when I'm about ready to sleep, the baby wakes up. So I feed while watching the late night news.

It's morning. I slept. Did I?

It's crazy.

I look forward to looking back at all this -- smiling...grateful that all this happened.

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Chateau said...

Nice post! It made me look back to the hectic days, not that my days are less hectic. Well, the kids are a a bit bigger now so, yeah it's better konti.
I can tell you that time will fly by so fast, you're right, you'll look back and just smile at the memories!
Pero oo nga, as moms, parang we will never get to have full-nights of sleep.