Monday, April 20, 2009

A Good Nights Sleep

The one thing I realized since having kids is that I have never slept straight through the night since 2002. I am amazed. There's always a reason I have to get up a couple of times through the night. To prepare a bottle of milk, to check on a sick kid's temperature, to change the linens of a wet bed, to burp a baby, to change a wet nappy. The list can go on. And sometimes I wonder how it would feel like to sleep through the night without any disturbance. Will I be able to adjust back to that? I've pretty much gotten used to it but I can just imagine how wonderful it will be to not have to wake up at odd hours of the night.

Having 3 children has made me realize how different my life is now from 10 years ago to even just yesterday. Slowly I have learned so many things I never understood with my parents before. It has driven me to want to be a better person though I falter and fall at times, my children have given me reason to stand up and try again.

Many times I wonder if I'm doing it right. Maybe not. Probably not. Even after 3 kids, there is still so much for me to learn. Each day I pray for added wisdom and discernment. This world we live in freaks the heck out of me especially when I think of the future of my boys. I remind myself I need to relax more. There are certain things I cannot control -- should not control.

There are big and small questions to be answered and most of the time the small ones are the hardest to find the answers to.

Many things change. From sleeping straight through the night and everything else in between.

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Sophiagurl said...

Ohhhh I can totally relate. But alas! these past two years I have been sleeping like a baby and so don't fret dear sleep will come :)