Friday, May 1, 2009

His Passion

To say that men are different from women IS an understatement.

My husband loves cars. He loves speed. He loves the high that he feels when he is racing.

I don't love cars but I understand the need to have at least one to be able to get around. I don't really enjoy fast cars. I become a nervous wreck when he races.

But that's his passion. It keeps him busy. It makes him happy.

So I resort to prayer whenever he races.
The boys have a bast watching their dad while cheering for him when his car passes by.

It's a time when we all can also be together and bond.


Heart of Rachel said...

That looks exciting. It's great that you support your husband in his passion.

Shoshana said...

I love cars. I love fast cars...and I was my happiest when I'm racing down the freeway at 110 mph. I don't do it now because I have five children...but I love the feel of fast car.