Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Things I Heart

Over the years of mothering my boys, I have been constantly on the look out for useful, "cannot live without" baby essentials. Here's my list:

The bouncer. The automatic rocking made the bouncer an enjoyable place for my sons to nap and it kept my 2nd child entertained when he was old enough to see. The bumbo. I absolutely love! I found it extremely convenient since my 2nd child couldn't sit on his own until he was about 9 or 10 months! I would take this everywhere with us. I'm sure the little one will enjoy this as well when he is ready to sit on it.
Avent Baby Bottles.I tried 2 other brands of bottles but this is the only bottle my son developed a liking to. I didn't have a hard time making him get used to the silicon nipple when I had to go back to work. Works pretty much the same for my youngest so I didn't bother trying out other newer brands.
Onesies. I can never get enough of these. There are so many onesies now a days but I especially love the plain white ones because they can be worn either by themselves or as undershirts. I have a liking for the Gerber onesies.
What baby things can't you live without?


Shoshana said...

Those plus stroller. I love my jogging stroller. I take them every where.

Allison said...

We loved the bumbo. We used it for the beach, feeding, and just about everything!

I also could NOT have lived without our jumparoo and rainforest swing. total lifesavers!

Heart of Rachel said...

Those are lovely things. My son had a baby bouncer too. That bumbo is so cute. I think that would make a nice gift for my godson.

Heart of Rachel said...

BTW, I forgot to mention, you have an award on my blog.