Saturday, May 23, 2009

Now Let's Talk Politics

Josh: Mom, I lost in school.

Me: What? What do you mean? Where?

Josh: I was supposed to be president but I lost.

Me: Oh you mean class president?

Josh: Yeah! Yeah! Exactly! How'd you know that?

Me: It's ok sweetheart.

Josh: But I did get 2 votes! (With the hugest smile in the world).

Me: Oh cool.

~then I noticed his left hand had a neon yellow band around it with the word YES written all over it~

Me: What's that?

Josh: Oh they gave it to us.

Me: Who?

Josh: The YES party!

Me: Oh, I get it! You're going to vote for your school leaders?

Josh: Yeah! How'd you know?

Me: We also had that in school before. So did the YES party campaign in your class?

Josh: Yes! They are soooo cool (said with feelings)

Me: Why? What makes you say that?

Josh: They gave us this band, they gave us stickers, they gave the girls bracelets. And they have so much fun lined up for the school.

Me: Like?

Josh: Like we're going to have so much games, camping, games. And...(thinking) ...More games

Me: Uh huh. Okay. So did you vote for them?

Josh: No.

Me: What?? Who did you vote for?

Josh: The WISE party.

Me: How come?

Josh: Because teacher reminded us that we shouldn't look at the outside but rather in the inside. Like inside their hearts. Like what is inside their hearts.

Me: Okay......

Josh: So even if the YES party gave us all these and said we will have so much fun, I chose the WISE party. Because their the good leaders.

I just found it so cute.


Heather said...

Wow, he's figured out something that some adults still haven't.

Heart of Rachel said...

If only adults can think the same way.