Wednesday, July 15, 2009

As I Ponder

What life has to offer us is not a choice. How we deal with what life has to offer us is a choice. everyday we are faced with decisions that have to be made and I would want to believe that for each and every decision we are faced with, we have every right to make our own choice.

There may be certain things in our past that we are not proud of. Some unwise decisions made which up to this day we have to suffer the consequences for our foolish ways. Many experiences that may have left us scarred by people around us. Countless heartaches that left us feeling helpless and worse, hopeless.

And for a time we wonder, will these ever end? Will we ever smile?

No one said we have to be perfect. It is in times of trouble, heartache and confusion that we learn.

We worry about tomorrow. We doubt ourselves. We lose faith. We feel we are trapped in a vicious cycle of never ending pain.

It is that one small step of faith that we must take. It is that conscious decision of making that one small step of faith.

We say goodbye to the past but remain thankful no matter how hard it is to the past that was. The past that made us. We step into a new tomorrow knowing better.

Life is sweeter with a bit of bitterness. A stitched heart makes us more appreciative of the people and things around us.

Faith says, "Lord help me through this."

Perfect faith says, "Lord, I know you will see me through this."

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Alicia said...

Beautiful!! This was a wonderful post, Louann!!