Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Cherry On Top Of My Already Yummy Cake

I was the new kid in school. While all the rest spent kindergarten together, I came from a different pre school. My mom walked me to my classroom. I could feel the kids staring at me. That was 20 years ago when I was in 1st grade.

I had no idea that some of the kids I met that day would turn out to be the few who up to this day I consider to be my bestest friends.

They shared secrets with me during sleepovers, we attended debuts together, they cried with me as I walked down the aisle, we planned baby showers together, attended baptisms and dedications of our children, together we mourned over the loss of someone important. We've seen life together.

As we got older, we all started to have our own lives. Some have chosen to leave our city and live a few hours away while some have chosen to live in other countries. In spite of the distance, we still remain true. In the recent years, its been so difficult to all be together at the same time. Seeing each other at least 4 times a year is rare. But it doesn't change the fact that our friendship remains in tact.

This weekend, I got to meet up with 2 of them. We had lunch and then desert after. I listened to their stories of single life while I amused them with stories of married life. We shared out heartaches, our life's desires. I look forward to times like these for they remind me that life can still be sweeter when they're around.


Heart of Rachel said...

It's a blessing to have lasting friendship like that.

Heather said...

How fun to catch up! I have some friends like that too, that I don't see often, but still love.

Alicia said...

Those are the best friendships!!! Priceless!!