Thursday, July 2, 2009

You've Got To Vent It Out

If I want to keep my sanity, I have to complain sometimes about things like:

1. My very small feet. And because women in general love shoes, I love shoes. But I do not love walking out of a shoe store feeling extremely sore about not being able to buy that pair of shoes that looked so comfy, matched most of my wardrobe but had a smallest size a size bigger than my feet.

2. The weekend being too short. After being able to lay in bed without rushing, after watching Transformers and having a blast just being with the kids, Monday is something I really have to hate.

3. Our house being too messy. After picking up the toys, there is food on the floor to be swept and then there are toys to be picked up and then more toys to be put away and then more toys to be picked up. I have not talked about the water that spilled on the tablecloth or the throw pillows on the shelves. What are the pillows doing on the shelves?


Alicia said...

I know...there's ALWAYS something that has to be picked up over here!!!

Shoshana said...

How small is small exactly? my sister wear a size 5. She's stuck shopping at children's footwear here.

Cathy said...

I feel your pain Mama. Aren't we all struggling to keep up with the mess, laundry, sleep... the list is getting longer everyday :(

But it's all worth it.

C said...

:) Oh, Louann! I can soooo relate to everything you just said!

BTW, I've got small feet too. Size 5. My Mom's feet are size 4!!! Now, that's crazy small! Then again, she's a typical Filipina...who wears like a size 0 in women's wear or sometimes has to buy her clothing in the kids'/teen department! LOL!

As for the house being a mess...Don't even wanna go there. Too depressing! LOL! I'm used to an immaculate house. Now with the baby, my house looks like it imploded!

Momisodes said...

I hate to say it, but when my husband is away during business trips, my house is actually CLEAN! I really dislike having so much clutter everywhere.

And Mondays? I feel the same way as you do.