Monday, July 13, 2009

Who Wants Poop? I Do!

I have been so obsessed about being able to express and store enough breastmilk for Arrow especially now that his consumption has increased. So last week, I tripled up on my supplement intake. And yes I was able to store around 12ounces in a day aside from the feeding I get to give him when I leave before work, come home for lunch and when I get home from work. It seemed to be working pretty well for the two of us until I noticed he was pooping on a regular basis!

At first, I thought it was my diet. I started eating more fruits and vegetables and tried to cut down on the protein intake. I drank and drank water and milk. But it still wasn't working. I was thinking that he was seriously constipated. His pediatrician suggested I try using the suppository. So I did and it worked. But after another 2 days, he didn't poop again. His doctor said it wasn't advisable that I keep using the suppository.

I was already panicking because this is the first time I encountered this problem with a purely breastfed baby. So I asked my OB and when she tried to eliminate all possible factors, she concluded that I was taking in too much malunggay supplement tablets so she told me to stop taking them first.

One day passed. No poop. Two days, still no poop. Three days and still no sign of it coming. On the fourth day at around 8 in the morning, it finally arrived.

And for the first time in my life, in my 7 years of mothering I heard angels singing while cleaning Arrow's bum.

For the first time ever poop made me so, so happy.


Heather said...

My doctor used to tell me that it was not at all unusual for a breastfed baby to NOT poop for several days. That's interesting that yours told you differently. Just shows how different doctors can be!

Momisodes said...

Ah yes, isn't it strange how motherhood can be so consumed with crap.

Literally :)

Glad to hear all things are clear.

DebbieDana said...

my little boy was breastfed for almost 11 months and he poopped regularly, he hasn't experienced not pooping for few days...:)