Thursday, June 2, 2011

6 Months

Half of the year has gone by. Or there is still half of the year to look forward to. I find myself wondering if the past 6 months have meant anything or if the next 6 months will mean anything. It should. As the saying goes, time flies. Too fast. I need to constantly remind myself about how giving more importance to even the littlest things because in the years to come, we will then realize that those little things we paid too little attention to were those that left the deepest mark in our hearts.

Life has become too complicated, too complex that we often even want time to go by faster just so that we can get over the complexities we are faced with. Much as we would want to simplify things, sometimes it is just impossible to do so. So we wonder what to do. Nothing. I'm coming to realize that I should take things as they come, as they are. Struggling to change things into how I want them to be will leave me exhausted and frustrated and may even push me to the brink of hating life. And why should I make myself reach that point?

I believe that it's never to late for anything. I must learn to stop regretting things and instead take them as learning lessons and move on from there.

What will the rest of this year bring, I wonder. So far, it has brought a number of heartbreaks but it has a also warmed my heart a couple of time. I will believe that the past 6 months has made me a better person. And the next 6 will make me even better.


Al said...

Oh my louann, I feel the same... are we in some kind of midlife crisis? ugh

louann said...

I know Al! I always find myself reflecting and reflecting on my life! It gets tiring sometimes though.