Thursday, June 30, 2011

Its Essence

Today officially marks the end of the first half of the year. Whenever I have my own quiet time, I always find myself thinking of how I have been spending my time. I think I give a lot of importance to how one's time is spent. When I was younger - carefree and self centered, I could sit around for hours and hours and hours doing nothing, thinking of nothing. My goodness, I cannot go back to those days and imagine how much time was wasted on absolutely nothingness (if there is such a word)!

Soon, Christmas songs will fill the air. My kids will soon turn a year older again. The rainy season will end and we will welcome summer into our lives again. We will welcome a new year again.

Time goes by. Our lives go by. I want to make it worth looking back on.


Al said...

Another half a year of struggles for me and my family. I know that the next half a year would be lighter even if I know that the sun in my side of the world would be gone after a couple of months.

Well... I say good luck to both of us and let us hope that the next 6 months would be wonderful :)

louann said...

Cheers to that Al!