Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tid Bits

Words that come out of my mouth most of the time when at home:




Talk about being more positive!!!


I just realized that I have a fascination for names that start with the letter "D." I was watching a show and the name of the baby was Daxton. I loved the name. I initially wanted to name my second son Dathan - but I realized that Dathan in the Bible was swallowed up by the earth. I believe in the importance of a name. So I decided not to name him that. I still gave him a name that starts with the letter D.  I also always liked the name Dustin as in Dustin Hoffman.


I can't help but wonder why after more than a month of jogging, I haven't lost weight! How many minutes and how many heart beats per minute must I maintain in order to say that my workout was "successful?" On the other hand, I must also control my food consumption!! Argghh.


I am starting to seriously potty train my toddler. He is now 2 years and 4 months old and I feel he is ready. He is the youngest one among my 3 boys who started potty training. My eldest took the longest to train at 3 years and 4 months! Getting rid of diapers will cut down a lot on my monthly budget. So, wish me all the luck!


Al said...

i just wonder about your eating habits. do you eat a lot in the evening? usually, you can eat a lot during the day but avoid eating so much in the evening specially if you go to bed early.

Good luck with the little one!

louann said...

Al, not really. SOmetimes i dont eat dinner anymore. I need to cut down on fast foods and soda! Yeeesh.

Al said...

Avoid going to fastfood restaurants. I have discovered that it takes the same time to make dinner and to drive and order from the fast food chains.

Eat dinner but don't eat a lot ;)