Saturday, June 28, 2008

The 2 Year Old Guy

It's been a month since he turned 2. From the day he was born, I knew I was in a for a whole new different adventure. He slept through the night (?), which lasted for just a week. But even if he would wake up in the middle of god knows what time, it wasn't such a struggle getting him back to peaceful slumber. He loves his breastmilk but didn't mind drinking it from the bottle as well.

Unlike his older brother who had me completely until he was 2, this guy was left at home with the househelp when he was just 3 months old because I had to go back to work. Official lunch breaks were spent speeding home so that I could feed him.

He walked before he talked and he couldn't sit up until he was 11 months. He hardly got sick and I'm thankful he doesn't have asthma. He was a good eater ever since.

Today he has evolved into such a character. He has a temper and is very determined. What his older brother does he always thinks he can do better. He is slowly developing a larger vocabulary. When I call his name he doesn't just come to me, he first asks "why?" When he sees food on the table which he loves, he says, "wow food!" He doesn't just have one lovey, he has 2 of them and he can't go to sleep with one of them missing. He says "uck" when he forgets to pee in the potty and demands he be "chucked" (changed) right away.
He says "I Wuv Woo!" And I say, "I do too sweetie."

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