Sunday, June 22, 2008

Going Pure And Natural

I'm no health buff although I try my best to be sometimes, I have the tendency to forget. And with me turning a year older in a few days (gagging here), I've been thinking to myself that I ought to be more health conscious. Given that, lately as well, I have been witnessing death, hospitalizations and discoveries of illnesses of people close to those close to my heart. I found myself praying one day, saying that I pray I get to see my children grow well into their age when they will be old and independent enough for me to say that my stay here on earth has been well spent. And in the natural chronological order of things, a child buries a parent. And that's exactly how I would want things to be. Not the other way around.

I remember my Mom mentioning that she used the juicer when she found out she had cancer. And I knew that the juicer had been sitting on our shelf - collecting dust. And then one time, I bought a glass of all natural juice in a mall and saw part of its advertisement stating "5 vegetables and fruits a day can help battle cancer." And I knew that juicer on our shelf was waiting for me to pay attention to it.

So, I finally opened the dusty box and took out the juicer.Yes I was scared. There was no manual to be found. And all the parts were apart. So slowly, I tried to learn how to put it together--I finally did after about half an hour.

I cut up the fruits. You can actually use any combination. There is no particular recipe to be followed. From the normal apples and oranges you can experiment with other fruits. For this one, I used papaya, banana and pineapple. You can add carrots or broccoli. Whatever tickles or craving.

You can add water if you feel it is too concentrated. I added ice cubes.

I've tried mixing pineapple, apple and orange. Bananas don't produce much juice but just a few give a very strong flavor. A lot of juice can be extracted from apples, pineapples and oranges. Papayas have a very subtle flavor.

I'd want to try carrots, broccoli and tomatoes maybe. I read an article that uses celery and ginger as well. Anything can be juiced. And there are a LOT of health benefits! Forget about all the unnatural juice we give our kids! Natural juice contains natural sugar-- nothing artificial in it.


Heart of Rachel said...

Advance Happy Birthday! It's great that you put health among your top priorities.

Enjoy those natural and healthy juices. My hubby also enjoys making all-natural fruit juices and shakes.

Shana said...

Oh a birthday girl soon! So when is the big day? And what is going to be the big number? :o)

I bet my boys would really like one of these!


Sandy C. said...

Oooh, a juicer is a great thing to have :) I'd love to have one. Your concoctions sound great! Carrot juice is actually really yummy :)

Happy Birthday in advance!

C said...

That's awesome, Louann! We have a juicer too. I make a really yummy apple-carrot juice. It may sound odd to mix apples and carrots together, but the beta carotene from the carrots is really good for you and the juice is sweet but not too sweet. I find that the apple-carrot juice gives me a lot of energy.

Happy Birthday in advance!!! XOXO