Sunday, June 15, 2008


Because you taught me to live by my principles -- by what is right and should be.

Because you taught me never to settle for second best. To do my best in everything I did.

Because you made helped me realize my potentials -- who I could be.

Because through you eyes I saw the importance of being passionate in doing the things you love to do.

Because you taught me the importance of integrity.

Because you made me see why an act of kindness should never expect anything in return.

Because you taught me to be.

Because you allowed me to cry when I needed to cry, to laugh when I needed to.

Because you protected me like no one ever did.

Because you are my Dad.

I think about you everyday. I look for your presence, especially when I feel lost. I always think of what you would have said to all of life's questions.

I Love You Dad.

I question why you had to leave. I wish you were still here to see the boys - you'd be crazy about them.

Because you made me who I am today.

Because you made me come this far.

Because you LOVE me.

I wish you were here.

I Love You Dad. I Love You.

I Love You.


PinksandBluesGirls said...

I cried a river as I read this magnificent post... but mostly tears of joy. For you to have had this beauty in your life for even a single moment is the truest miracle of all. For you to have felt this great reverence from father to child is an extraordinary blessing. For you to have discovered the wonder of parenthood is the gift your father passed to you. It is truly the greatest gift of all.

I lost my Dad when I was 23 years old, and he never was able to hold any of my children or to hug them with his strong arms. But he is here every day. He is here today. He came through to me as I read your beautiful, thoughtful words.

Happy Father's Day to all of you... and to your Dad. He is with you!


Karen MEG said...

Louann, beautiful post. I know that your Dad, wherever he is, is so very proud of the wonderful woman and mother you have become. Most importantly of all, he lives in your heart, and that is so obvious in this beautiful post.

Heart of Rachel said...

This is a great tribute to your Dad. I'm sure he is happy looking over you and your family.