Sunday, June 29, 2008

Keeps Me Sane, Really.

On the way to the grocery, in the car with my 6 year old son.

Josh: So, what did you want to become when you were young?

Me: Uh...A lawyer.

Josh: A lawyer!????!!!! (shock of his life tone)

Me: Yeah, like my Grandpa Sinai.

Josh: He was a lawyer?

Me: Uh huh. What about you, what do you wanna become?

Josh: A skyjumper!

Me: I mean to earn money (silly guy! Are you kidding me tone)

Josh: Ah, ok. A teacher! A teacher of little kids.

Me: Cool.

--- silence--- (which lasted for zero seconds)

Josh: Dead stinky worms make me feel sick.

Me: Uh, where did you see or smell dead stinky worms?

Josh: At home, while I was swinging in the garden.

Me: Seriously?

And then he laughs.

Ahh I need more of these conversations. They keep me sane.


SusieJ said...

Sane... or crazy?! I guess, it depends on your perspective. Isn't it nice to have these "conversations" with them after so many years of baby talk?!

Sandy C. said...

I love those things outta left field! ;)

Reminds me that something in their little minds are really ticking!