Saturday, May 21, 2011


Apparently, they forgot to cut the umbilical cord at the hospital when I gave birth over 2 years ago. I mean, he is completely attached to me. It always has to be Mama. Nobody else but Mama. Mama bubunch (take a bath), Mama amam (eat), Mama come. Everything Mama. I love this boy but sometimes - or a lot of times, I just feel so constrained to do things I need to do and want to do. Like 2 days ago when I went jogging, while I was out he woke up and found that I was no longer beside him. His world collapsed. So when I got home, hubby and his older brothers were trying to tame him down. But when he saw me, everything was suddenly fine. It's a whole drama episode when I have to leave the house like for work and he has to stay behind. No amount of bribing gets him. I have tried gummy bears, putting in a DVD for him to watch, talking to him nicely, using a stern voice - to no avail. He controls me!

It's a phase. He'll get over it. I know.

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Al said...

louann, our kids' world is us. Pappa may be around but Mamma means hugs and food. It will pass before you know it.
The only thing that helped me when my daughters were younger was talking to them like adults but with long explanations why I have to do the things I do. (hard to be a mom)