Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Today (What a Boring Post Title! - Too Lazy to Think of a More Catchy One)

I wanted to post summer pictures of the kids since I haven't posted shots in a while but blogger seemed to think otherwise. It was taking forever to upload the photos and it's getting late (9:41pm at this moment) and I have to get up at 5:10am tomorrow to jog. Woot woot! Can't believe I have finally started the ball rolling! I have been telling myself to start exercising but never got to do it. Now that my youngest is 2, I am think it's about time to start losing the extra weight because the excuse "I'm fat because I just gave birth" is already unacceptable. Boo!

Today was a pretty productive day at work for me with a few instances where I almost (again) lost my patience. Ughh, I need to work on this. I am extremely impatient! Which I know is a no - no especially since I am an HR practitioner. Tomorrow I will lengthen my shoestrings, will count to 10 before reacting and will pray when I feel the want to snap.

I got to read articles of how Bin Laden was finally tracked down by the U.S. and I really do not know what to make of it. Many say they don't believe Bin Laden was actually hunted down and killed, some say it's possible. I can't exactly say where I stand but one thing I am sure of is, this world is not going to be a safer place to live in with what had just happened. It's a scary thought because i am sure in one way or another, there will be Bin Laden followers who will retaliate. The "number one enemy of the US" may be gone, but terrorism is still very, very much alive.

Can't believe I still have 2 more days of work. Torn between whether I want the week to go faster or for it to slow down. My boss is on leave because she was operated on and so far I have been liking it a lot. No, it's not because I can become a delinquent employee (Hah I wish), it's just that I feel like I am very well able to spread my wings without constraint and do what I have to do without the feeling that there are a pair of eyes staring down on me. I have nothing against my boss at all - maybe I just work better under circumstances like this.

So, how was your day?

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