Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wishful Thinking

I've heard about workaholics. I've read about them too. I've met a few of them as well. So what do you call their complete opposites? I wanna know because I think that I am exactly their opposite. Good or bad? I don't know. I just got to start thinking about it because lately, I have been wanting another break from work. With summer almost ending, I can't help but want to be able to make a short trip somewhere where I can escape my reality! No, I am not lazy. I know this because in a day I can get a lot done but I cannot compare myself to workaholics who exist because of their work. I love my work, yes I do. I enjoy it. But it isn't my life. For a time I thought it could be but I realized that there are so much more important things that come before my work. Seriously. Like I wouldn't batt an eyelash if I had to decide whether to take a leave to watch my sons school program or to go to work instead. Or even with my health, when I seriously feel ill, I do not force myself to get up and get ready and report for work. Stuff like that. And as mentioned earlier, I look for little breaks in between without feeling guilty.

I hope a short break could be right around the corner. With my boss gone for the past 6 weeks, I guess I've been feeling this because the bulk of the work has been on my shoulders.

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Al said...

It sounds like you need a vacation :)