Monday, May 23, 2011

Recap: An OMG Weekend

It all started on Friday. My tummy started rumbling and I started to feel it getting queasy. Incidentally, I also got a call from the company with whom I have an active employment application and they informed me that I had an interview at 7pm that night. It was a cold rainy night, I had a restless tummy but I sill went to get it over with.
I got there around 20 minutes to 7 but ended up waiting for more than an hour because the regional HR director (who starts his shift at &pm) was not yet there. Filipino time they say! He finally arrived a little before 8pm and he immediately called me to his office. It was a nice, informal but very concise interview where I was able to express a lot of what has been bottled up inside me - mainly my sentiments on where I believe my career is at this point. I enjoyed it. Mainly because I love talking haha. I was trying to assess his opinion of me but I couldn't quite dig deeper into his body language and facial expressions. Polite man, I should say. The interview was done by around 8:20, I think.
So I got home and again, headed straight to the bathroom. Queasy tummy, remember? And it didn't end there. When I got up on Saturday, I felt drained. I had woken up 3 or 4 times before that. I still did the laundry but I found myself always rushing to the bathroom. By Saturday afternoon, I was confined to my bed feeling all weak already. I tried to drink tea and eat some crackers but I ended up throwing it all up. I had no more appetite to eat by then. Come Saturday night, I couldn't sleep because my tummy kept waking me up. By 2 or 3AM of Sunday I was already crying. Seriously, I thought I was going to die. I'm sorry for the exaggeration but that's how I really felt. Come Sunday morning, I tried to drink Gatorade and hydrite but I was feeling very weak already. Scared of dehydration, I finally said I needed to go to the hospital. So Jet the husband brought me to the ER. Negative for any amoeba, the very young doctor (she was schoolmate during my elementary days and she was like 4 years younger than me!!) diagnosed me with acute gastroenteritis. Look it up. I was honestly skeptical about her diagnosis because she didn't even ask me for my history! What I ate, when it first occur ed, etc. Aren't those basic questions!!! ANYWAY. She just prescribed meds that would help relax the stomach spasms felt. Jet suggested we go to another hospital but I was just plain tired but at the same time, thankful I didn't have to be confined. The rest of Sunday was spent either in the bathroom or on my bed. I only got up to cook dinner.
When I woke up the next day, I felt a lot better. Still having frequent visits to the bathroom but I felt a bit more hydrated having been able to keep and apple and a slice of toast down with gagging it out or flushing it out. Thank God for His healing hands!
As I look back, getting sick is no joke. Again, I was reminded -- I felt so frustrated with the stomach flu I got the symptoms that came with it but it was nothing compared to what my Mom, a lung cancer patient had to endure. Again, I couldn't help but be thankful still.
So it's back to work for me tomorrow. Blech.

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Al said...

i can relate to every single thing that happened to you in the weekend. I am having the same problems right now. my problem is the dizziness, though.

i am sorry to hear about your mom. is she better, may I ask? i actually kept my blog private from 2007 to 2010 because my husband had cancer. I thank the Lord for He has healed him.