Monday, May 30, 2011

Rain, Rain Go 'Way

The fact that summer - sunny days, warm weather, dry roads, early sunrise -- has come to end has finally sank in. A storm was brewing over the pacific and was threatening to hit the country bringing cold, rainy days. We were gearing up for it but then the storm decided to veer towards Japan right before it was about to make landfall in the Philippines. A few weeks ago, our country was already hit by a typhoon.

Before all these drastic climate changes happening all over the world and when the seasons were quite predictable, the Philippines only had 2 seasons, the wet and the dry season. June - October brought about stormy weather with and average of 8-10 typhoons battering the country. November - May would bring drier months with February bringing the lowest temperatures and come March, warm sunshine would fill the days.

Today, one cannot even plan a decent trip to the beach because of very unpredictable weather. April and May used to be months for planning trips to the seaside to cool off while dipping in the water. My laundry schedule has been very erratic - and I dislike it very much - because most of the time it rains in the afternoon and I usually wash clothes after work and hang them up on the clothesline outside through the night.

Rainy weather depresses me. The lack of sunshine does not make me happy.

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Al said...

the weather has been really weird. Here, winters are getting colder, longer and there is more snow. We had summer temperature in the spring and now, it has been windy and even our party tent was blown awan@;(