Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The New Me -- Hopefully, That Is

They say, for women, 30 is the mid-life crisis of men when they're 40. True? I could never relate to that a few years ago. But with the inevitable fast approaching, I am beginning to realize it as a truth.

I find myself being more and more conscious about my skin - especially the skin on my face and the fine lines that are starting to become more and more evident! Lately, I have been spending on anti-aging skin care products and strictly making it my daily and nightly regimen. In the past, I would buy a bottle of moisturizer here and a tube of eye cream there and then would forget it on the shelf and only remember about it months or even years after.

I have been also very religious about taking my Vit C and Vit E tablets and other anti oxidant food supplements.

And for the first time in my 4 year stay with the company I work for, this is the only year I went for my annual physical check up. I have been more and more conscious about my health as well. Eating more vegetables and fruits and trying to cut down on junk food although I must admit that a good, fat, juicy burger will always be my weakness. This week, I also started to jog. Just a 20 minute jog from our house down to the satellite market and back. Running has been so the "in" things lately by the way, but I am in it to shed off the unwanted pounds!

And lastly, I am declaring my desire to quit smoking. Yes, there, I said it. For so long I have been mum about this yucky, icky addiction. I want to stop it. I hope I can kick the habit. SOON.

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al bjornstad said...

the time when i felt really good about myself was when I was 30 to 35. I did not feel any crisis (well only the time when I was broke). the only thing i regret was not taking care of my skin like i do now.
good luck to your giving up smoking and to me too.