Saturday, May 7, 2011


Pssst..Guess what? You wanna know something? I can't wait for my hands to be baby free.

There. I blurted it out. Am I being selfish? 

On most days, I wish I didn't have to be constantly chasing after a toddler who refuses to bathe or have to carry an 18lbs 2 year old - given that I am only 4'11, it is a constant struggle to be able to carry such a heavy sack of potatoes with ease and poise without my hair covering my face or trickle of sweat beads running down my temples. Or having to eat with a baby on my lap who is constantly also wanting to mess up the food on the plate. It is tiring. 

Someday, I will miss all of this. I may look back on all this and wish that I embraced this experience more. So i say to myself right now - be thankful, seize the moment.

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al bjornstad said...

you are not alone thinking that way. i thought and hoped to be baby free when i had my youngest. i do not want to have anymore kids not because i hated having kids but i think (it is the age) it is the time and the big responsibility of taking care of another life. you will miss these days but you will also be relieved.