Friday, April 20, 2007

Beaches? I LOVE!

It's summer time once again and during the past 3 years or so, I have come to L-O-V-E the beach! When I was younger, I was vain--really vain. One of my vanity beliefs was I did not want to have dark skin - I am Bad I know. But as I grew older, I realized how beautiful tanned skin is! And how better can you get a good tan without going to the beach? Forget those tanning machines! Good ol' sun is still the best. So... this summer, I am going to the beach! Anyway, I guess we got a kick off by celebrating Josh's 5th birthday in the beach. And then, next week Jet and I will bring the kids for a 4 day beach trip while the nanny is gone (house will be a disaster without the nanny thus the great escape). Next month, my friends and I plan a short beach trip to Batangas - can't wait! And come this end of May, my family (hubby,kids, aunts and cousins) will be going to Palawan - this is the trip I can not wait to go on a dream come true in fact!! Google Palawan and you will see what I mean :)
Anyway, here a few of the pictures of our beach getaways and I hope to add to this collection ;)

Basking in the sun with SIL. Bantayan Island October 2006. We took a 3-day beach trip with hubby, Josh and my 2 SIL's. We got real cheap deal on airfare. Beach front at our resort was not inviting at all so we decided to rent a small pump boat and visited virgin island. White sand, crystal clear water and very cheap exotic food.

Dried Fish, Sting Ray, Crabs and Fresh Octopus :)

As early as February 2006, my friends (of 17 years) and I began planning a beach getaway to
Boracay .We planned the trip for November and were able to get a great cheap deal on airfare and hotel accommodations. We were all so excited. One of my very punctual friends missed our 6AM flight and had to follow a few hours later - funny story. But none the less, we all made it to the island and had a blast!

THE tan line. I know. The story behind this: First day of beach loving - it rained! We all wanted to cry. So...the next 7AM, we saw the sun. My girlfriends and I rushed outside to bask in the sun. And so as the story goes, we burned.

Fun fun fun in the sun. Ahh, how I love the beach!

My friends of 17 years. I love them all! We may live in different parts of the country now, have different careers and lives but the one thing that remains is the friendship. We've seen each other through pregnancies, weddings, baptisms and dedications, wakes and funerals. Here's to more years of wonderful memories! I love you all!


Jennboree said...

Oh man do we love the beach too! We used to go every year but haven't since Bella was born nearly 3 years ago. We're totally having withdrawals!

pinks & blues girls said...

Great pictures! Ouch - that sunburn looks painful!

It's funny because when I was younger, I HATED that I couldn't get dark - I was always wishing for darker skin!

Grass is always greener, right!? ;)

- Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls

susiej said...

You are SO Exotic. The Palawan would be right up my alley. But, Louanne, the tan lines are scaring me... Yes, I had skin cancer -- the good kind, now gone, thanks to surgery. And I'm young, now getting checked 2xs/year. However, you have more melatonin in your skin, which makes it safer for you to be out in the sun. I can't put enough sun screen on -- and yes, I love the beach.

louann said...

*Jennboree-maybe when the kids grow up a bit more you can introduce them to the beach? I am sure they will love the water!
*Pinks and Blues Girls-uh huh the sunburn hurt real bad.The next day, I so did not want to go back under the sun.
*SusieJ! - I know, bad sunburn huh? When I read your post I kinda got scared. I needed that reminder. I am glad to know you are so OK now :) happy happy

Chaos Control said...

Ooo ... that sunburn looks awful! I sure wish I had one right about now ...

Shoshana said...

I love the beach too...even when it wasn't cool to be can always see me snorkling in my Aunt's bearch resort in the Philippines. (La Estrella in Cabilao)

That's what I missed moving a whole ocean away. My friends. We still write, and call, and e-mail, but it's not the same as hang-out-together kind of outing.

Looked like you had a blast!