Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Short Cute Break From All The Literary Ongoings

Thought of just posting pictures of my boys... ;)
Yummy McNuggets Barbecue Sauce

Look Ma!

They gotta have one each now -- OR ELSE.

There is no way the little one will allow himself to be left out. He HAS to join the play. That's Josh with his bestfriend Miggy (son of my best friend). Josh and Miggy happen to be 1 month and 10 days apart.

Naughty Face!

Visited the Family Cemetery Plot over the weekend as we remembered Dad's 3rd Death Anniversary.

I Love This Pic!


Sophiagurl said...

nice pics and cute little ones. i also like your pic with the little one, it's so sweet. i have relatives who live in Baguio as well. i get to go on vacation there once in while. but not so often now. the last time i went there was in 2004.

pinks & blues girls said...

You have good reason to be SUCH a proud Mama! What gorgeous boys!

And that last picture is beautiful... what a nice way to share your love for your father with your sons.

- Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls

SusieJ said...

The last one, is my favorite. I just love, love, love that one.

Shoshana said...

Very nice pics of your little ones!

I lie that last picture too.