Thursday, October 15, 2009


He's the most laid back kid I have ever had. He doesn't really have a schedule. He eats when he wants to, sleeps when he wants to and plays when he wants to. Not that he is an unpredictable kid, it's just that, of my 3 children, he's the least who has had to submit to my rigidity. Because I am such an OC mother, I have learned to sit back and just let it flow-- and I am very proud of that. If today doesn't turn out as good as yesterday, I don't try to re-run all the events of yesterday and try to reconstruct what I did today to pin point what I did wrong.
Smile kid.
I Love Yah!


Momisodes said...

What a cutie pie. That's great he's so mellow. I'm hoping our next one will be the same.

DebbieDana said...

I love his smile! So precious!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.