Thursday, October 8, 2009

Stop. Think. Change. Now.

Before heading back home, we passed through areas in Manila which just a few hours before was submerged in flood water.

While listening to the news on the radio, they were talking about climate change as the culprit who caused the flooding in Metro Manila.

I thought to myself, yes there have been so many eerie changes happening to our planet causiing so much calamities and destructions. But I think we should all just stop pointing fingers and stop rationalizing. Garbage is one major problem. Illegal logging is another. Over commercializing areas which are not meant to be commercialized is another as well. Pollution has caused great damage.
Will we learn? Will we say enough is enough? Will we accept our faults and do something about it?
We should. Why wait for another tradegy to happen? Why wait for so many lives to be lost?

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C said...

I cried when I saw the news on TV. My grandmother is due to return to the Philippines in a week. She goes "back home" every winter and stays in Canada in the summer. I secretly don't want her to go back to the Phils so I can keep her closer to me. :(